IDDA membership

There are three different types of IDDA membership. 

1)      Drainage district membership – The cost of drainage district membership is 2.5 cents per acre drained.  In most cases, this membership is paid by the county board of supervisors but IDDA also has individual districts that belong.  **View Members**


2)      Corporate membership is open to businesses that are involved in the drainage business.  This membership category costs $200.   **View Members**


3)      Individual membership is open to persons who have an interest in drainage but are not directly associated with a commercial enterprise.  Individual membership is $50.   **View Members**

IDDA also has a mutual protection fund.  This is a fund that is separate and distinct  from IDDA operating funds.  The MPF is designed to pay costs of legal actions in which IDDA may become involved on behalf of its membership.  MPF monies cannot be spent without IDDA board approval.  MPF dues are based on one and one-half cent per acre drained.  Participation in the MPF is voluntary.